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Apple It seems Apple is on a roller coaster ride this week, going from bad news to good news, back to bad news again. A local television station from Seattle, US, forced the Consumer Product Safety Commission via the Freedom Of Information Act to hand over an 800-page report about fire hazards posed by Apple's iPod music players. Experts on consumer safety agree that it's time Apple makes public statements about the fire hazards posed by iPods.
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I think we hear more about the Apple issues because Apple hating with cheerleaders like Thom seems to have become a sport following the resurgence of the company after Jobs' return - something we just don't see for other vendors.

Then I guess the following people are Apple hating cheerleaders too:

- Jacqui Cheng at Ars
- Aidan Malley at AppleInsider
- Eric Slivka at MacRumors

...and so on. Yup, makes total sense. mrhasbean, if you have problems with negative Apple news, then please stick to MacDailyNews for your daily dose.

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