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Microsoft Sometimes, some things are just too good to be true. Earlier this week, Microsoft made a relatively stunning announcement that it would contribute some 20000 lines of code to the Linux kernel, licensed under the GPL. Microsoft isn't particularly fond of either Linux or the GPL, so this was pretty big news. As it turns out, the code drop was brought on by... A GPL violation.
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Bill Shooter of Bul
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Yeah, you're right. I wish there were more explanation of the particular kind of violation they were guilty of.

They essentially wrote a driver that was only partially GPL. Which you can't do. They tried using a gpl ed section of code to bridge the gap between the kernel and their own binary blob. I'm guessing that the driver didn't fall into the gray area that some binary kernel modules are allowed to fall into. Either that or by previously releasing it as partial GPL, they violated the GPL ( of the kernel code) and the easiest resolution with the copyright holders ( of the kernel) was to release all of the driver GPL.

Please, feel free to correct anything I wrote. I'm not really sure I'm right.

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