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Microsoft Sometimes, some things are just too good to be true. Earlier this week, Microsoft made a relatively stunning announcement that it would contribute some 20000 lines of code to the Linux kernel, licensed under the GPL. Microsoft isn't particularly fond of either Linux or the GPL, so this was pretty big news. As it turns out, the code drop was brought on by... A GPL violation.
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Proprietary Software in General
by hackus on Thu 23rd Jul 2009 15:37 UTC
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Is closed because there are massive internal violations of software patents and more than likely scarfed GPL code.

Remember Linksys?

The FSF had to serve formally CISCO to get them to cough up the code.

What we really need is to fundamentally destroy all commercial interests in proprietary closed software. The best way to do that is through the following means:

1) Actively organize your organizations I.T. department to seek out and identify Network, Storage and Applications which have open source equivalents and demand they implement them.

2) Once these substitutions are identified, eliminate the ones you feel are to risky at this point, and implement as much as you can in Open Source/GPL.

3) Restructure your department. If you have a bunch of Microsoft Certificate guys who do not want to adapt to save costs using GPL software, replace them with people who have 4 year degree comp sci degrees or who have demonstrated expertise in open source software.

4) Sponsor a Open Source project specific to your business goals. Are you an ISP? Tired of high priced CISCO routing gear? Use a different vendor who is friendly to open source, or better yet, build your own routers. The following projects would be a great place to start with either money or staff time:

Patronize these vedors who do 10GE for Linux for example:

Essentially what will happen if you do these things will be the following:

1) Proprietary vendors will simply cease to exist.

2) Customer service should be improved because the customer will probably be involved in the project and also has a stake in it to succeed. Whether it be a networking product as in this example or something else.

3) Quality will be transparent. Your customer will see it, your engineers will see it, and so will your vendors.

It is incredibly hard to engineer crap that people can see, who also buy.

Proprietary Hardware Vendors and Proprietary software vendors are absolutely terrified about this particular outcome of open source. They do not want you to know where they cut corners, because a big unknown like this prevents you from doing any sort of cost analysis.

It is time for proprietary software to GO AWAY.

One more thing. Get rid of support contracts, they kill budgets. I tell people that support contracts for proprietary software are there because they are defective, number one. Number 2, organizations that have support contracts have no incentive to create quality software.

Would YOU create quality software if your revenue depended on $500 a month or $200 bucks a incident?

Of course not. Open Source transparency generally yields better uptime, and when there is down time, its usually nothing major that you would need a big expert to fix. After all, you have engineers you have on salary onsite, that can look at the code and figure it out and implement their own fixes.

One of the most spectacular declines for example in the proprietary world, is in the business exchanges of the world. What happens when a stock exchange goes down?

Well, if your like Londons Stock Exchange, too MUCH happens.

Of course, you can still opt to outsource support for Open Source just like Proprietary Software. Thing is, its your choice who gets the money. You can spend it on your staff, or you can ship it out of the organization.

Please Help by following the above guidlines and indeed, given enough time, proprietary software will go away and the world will be a better place.

I know it will make my job much more pleasant with my customers and coding will be much more fun!


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