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Windows "Windows Vista has been dragged through the IT industry mud for most of its life, in some cases for good reason. But Microsoft's OEM chief believes that Windows 7's success will help repair the damage to Vista's reputation and polish its legacy. Windows 7 and Windows Vista share much of the same code, and over time, this could cause Windows Vista bashers to soften their views, said Steve Guggenheimer, vice president of the OEM division at Microsoft. 'I think people will look back on Vista after the Windows 7 release and realize that there were actually a bunch of good things there,' Guggenheimer said in a recent interview. 'So it'll actually be interesting to see in two years what the perception is of Vista.'"
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Set in stone
by zaine_ridling on Thu 23rd Jul 2009 20:33 UTC
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I'd say that ship has already left, and those perceptions are hard set. In two years, no one will be writing about Vista except in some likely "Retrospective of Microsoft's 21st century failures" article.

Too many of those frustrated users have long left for *nix OSes like Linux and OSX, and will never give Vista a thought, much less Win7. Win7 will be the last Microsoft OS as we know it, as users will squat on it for ten years like they have XP.

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