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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris The Linux desktop has come a long way. It's a fully usable, stable, and secure operating system that can be used quite easily by the masses. Not too long ago, Sun figured they could do the same by starting Project Indiana, which is supposed to deliver a complete distribution of OpenSolaris in a manner similar to GNU/Linux. After using the latest version for a while, I'm wondering: why?
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by Robert Escue on Fri 24th Jul 2009 16:11 UTC
Robert Escue
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The first problem with this "article" is define "slow". Since the author chose not to provide any specifics such as sar or system accounting data or even empirical measurements, what is slow? And it is slow compared to what exactly? We don’t even know what kind or size of hard drive or network card is used in the system; all we know is the system in question has a 2 GHz Pentium IV CPU, 2 GB of memory and an nVidia 6200 video card.

So we have an older system with an almost five year old value priced AGP video card, 2 GB of memory and an unknown amount of hard disk space and network card and we are supposed to take the author’s word for it that OpenSolaris and all applications run slowly on it? Just because someone says it is slow does not mean it is. If someone is going to complain about performance, they should back it up with some meaningful data and just complain, because all I have read is complaints without substance.

The author then moves on to the usual OpenSolaris complaints about the lack of software in the repositories. Again no specifics as to what is missing in the way of software. For that matter why doesn’t the author take the time to compile the software he wants himself? I have asked this question before and was shouted down for even suggesting such a thing. For that matter why doesn’t the author or the other people who complain stand up and say “I will contribute to the effort and compile “enter software title here” and put it in the repository”? It is easy to complain, but not so easy to do something. How much of a geek are you if you can’t compile your own software?

What user experience? Again no real frame of reference other than mentioning the user experience is better using Fedora, OpenSUSE and Ubuntu.

And this is considered a “quality” article for OSNews? Of course this has not stopped the anti-Sun trolls from piling on. Why was this published in the first place? For a site that is supposed to be dedicated to technology, it is probably the worst piece of so called “tech writing” I have ever read.

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