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Microsoft Microsoft presented its financial results for the past quarter, and Ars analyses them. "Redmond sees revenues drop both quarterly and year-over-year. But its earnings per share are up a bit from last quarter, suggesting it has found a way to manage the pain. Online Services and Entertainment both felt serious hurt."
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by po134 on Fri 24th Jul 2009 17:37 UTC
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just to keep things in perspective, I read last week in inforamtionweek that the ROS (operating margin, return on sales) of oracle has reached 50+% (from the link provided in the first comment, microsoft is around 30%), even though their revenue dropped, of course microsoft is in many more projects (more diversified too)

It's only normal for them to loose share/money in this quarter, w7/o2010 are commming and they know it (it's a "cycle") so I don't really see a problem in these numbers especially when I see microsoft is cutting failed project here and there in order to clean things out a little

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