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Windows The browser saga between Microsoft, the EU, and various browser makers just got a new chapter. We all know how the EU and Microsoft are in a legal tussle over the inclusion of Internet Explorer with Windows. Microsoft surprised everyone in June by announcing that Windows 7 would ship without Internet Explorer in Europe, a move it had hoped would silence the EU. The EU and Opera, however, were not impressed, and now Microsoft has caved in to the pressure.
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End Users decide which device to purchase
by CaptainN- on Fri 24th Jul 2009 22:18 UTC
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I don't think it has ever been appropriate to have consumers decide something like what browser to use - and this is only more true in recent years. They are purchasers of products, and that's how it will always be. A few decades ago, desktop computers were primarily workstations, used by techies, and professionals. Now it's primarily people who don't know how to save a file, let alone which browser to use (I use Microsoft to open pictures!).

Smart phones and cell phones OEMs have figure this out, as they all race for competitive edge, by providing their own custom blends of open source, and proprietary blends. The OEMs are deciding what browser goes on the phone (and making better decisions by and large, than OEM PC makers have in the past).

It's kind of weird that at this late stage, anyone is still thinking that end users should make these kinds of decisions.

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