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Windows The browser saga between Microsoft, the EU, and various browser makers just got a new chapter. We all know how the EU and Microsoft are in a legal tussle over the inclusion of Internet Explorer with Windows. Microsoft surprised everyone in June by announcing that Windows 7 would ship without Internet Explorer in Europe, a move it had hoped would silence the EU. The EU and Opera, however, were not impressed, and now Microsoft has caved in to the pressure.
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by drstorm on Fri 24th Jul 2009 23:58 UTC
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I wonder in which order the browsers will be listed. The way I see it, every order would be wrong.

If they order it in their own preference, I guess IE would be the first and Chrome the last. The reasons why this order would suck are rather obvious.

Next, they could order it by popularity, which would place IE first again. I guess this would be the logical order, but who is to say which browser is really more popular? Microsoft?

Finally, they could order it alphabetically, but that order could confuse many of the less knowledgeable users. I guess, most people would just choose the first on the list. That would probably be Chrome. This would give it an unfair advantage. Also, if the list is going to be updateable, I think we'd see many new browsers with names like AA-browser. ;)

Also, sbergman27 raised an interesting question: "Is IE going to have the word "recommended" next to it?" MS users are quite used to selecting the "recommended" stuff.

Basically, I'd leave the things pretty much the way they are and let the market decide. If there has to be a list, I would put it on the IE's default home page.

Thanks for reading this rather long comment. ;)

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