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Windows The browser saga between Microsoft, the EU, and various browser makers just got a new chapter. We all know how the EU and Microsoft are in a legal tussle over the inclusion of Internet Explorer with Windows. Microsoft surprised everyone in June by announcing that Windows 7 would ship without Internet Explorer in Europe, a move it had hoped would silence the EU. The EU and Opera, however, were not impressed, and now Microsoft has caved in to the pressure.
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RE: Make it modular like e.g. Linux
by blitze on Sat 25th Jul 2009 04:52 UTC in reply to "Make it modular like e.g. Linux"
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Given the way OEM's detroy MS based installs with their crapware - your suggestion seems to me at least, the most bone headed idea yet. It is MS's OS and they should have more say over what get's thrown onto it when it is bundled with hardware.
Could you imagine Apple's OS-X environment if PC OEM's had their way with that - your touted User Experience would be thrown out the window.

OEM's are the problem and although I'm happy for a push to a level of OS modularity with Windows, allowing OEM's to dictate the user environment will just frustrate the end user even more and cause more bitching about Windows.

p.s. - when are we seeing this ballot idea occuring on other OS's? What's good for the goose is good for the gander so Linux and OS-X installs should have the same limitations imposed on them in the desktop environment or stop bitching. This from a Windows/Opera user.

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