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Editorial Every few years we geeks have our own kind of popcorn show to watch: tech companies showing teeth to one another. This time around, it's Palm vs Apple. In all seriousness though, how ethical is the battle around iTunes?
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iTunes is not...
by mrhasbean on Sat 25th Jul 2009 07:59 UTC
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...locked down. I have written both Mac and Windows installer apps that allow audio and video downloads from another web site to directly import into iTunes. There was even a simple method of interfacing with a Notes feature on the classic iPods to create a custom interface for your content. Similarly there are numerous apps out there that interface with the iTunes library to allow purchases made on the ITMS to be used on other devices. There are also very simple manual methods for using iTunes content on other devices.

It is Apple's choice to only support the iPod / iPhone - and they have every right to do so. Why should they support other company's devices in an app that they give away? We also don't know what restrictions they have in their distribution agreements for ITMS content. And would this type of crud even be discussed if we were talking about the software distributed with another brand phone or MP3 player?

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