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KDE The KDE project has announced that it has reached its one millionth commit to its Subversion repository, indicating that the KDE project is very healthy indeed. "This is a wonderful milestone for KDE," said Cornelius Schumacher, President of the KDE e.V. Board of Directors, "It is the result of years of hard work by a large, diverse, and talented team that has come together from all over the globe to develop one of the largest and most comprehensive software products in the world."
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RE: Just finish it already...
by sebas on Sat 25th Jul 2009 11:19 UTC in reply to "Just finish it already..."
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Not quite, what you see is that code kicked in that prevented your desktop from becoming unusable due to bad video drivers (too little frames being rendered for compositing to be useful).

The nvidia driver still has grave performance problems, even my integrated intel chip feels faster than my desktop's 7600GS. I know it's frustrating for users, but we (KDE) decided to not paper over driver bugs so they eventually get fixed and don't stand in the way anymore in the future.

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