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In the News In a recent speech Bill Gates gave to a group of government officials and tech specialists in New Delhi, he criticized US privacy and immigration laws, spoke of his outlook on future technologies, and explained why he got rid of his Facebook page. His criticisms of the US laws took the pretense that health care providers and doctors not being able to share medical information of an individual to other institutions was a stumbling block and that exceptions in strict immigration ought to be made for "smart people" to live and work in high-paying jobs in the US. Gates also mentioned his views of a future with cell phones recognizing people around them or testing for diseases and an Internet being utilized for a broader use than simply web pages and the like. He mentioned that he once had a Facebook page and that it became too much of a time-waster having to sort through ten thousand friend requests periodically.
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Actually Bill Gates has donated plenty of dole (pun intended) into the educational system in the US. Stanford, Harvard and U of W off the top of my head got some serious endowment money from Gates.

Using Dole as an example of anything is silly, most donations are made under a tax-relief framework, and Dole's donation was fueled by a perfectly selfish humanitarian driving force... only caring about cancer once one of his loved ones got affected. Contrast that with the large amounts of money donated by the Gates Foundation towards things like Malaria vaccination, a disease which is very unlikely to affect any of his loved ones.

So it is silly to use him as an example to diminish Gates's contributions, which are orders of magnitude larger in both size and scope than Dole's. In other words, most large donations/endowments receive severe tax breaks. So it is silly to single out Gates for that, when literally every other large donation is done under the same framework.

Besides as far as corporations go, Dole makes Microsoft look like a boy scout troupe when it comes to humanitarian and labor abuses across the globe.

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