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Editorial Every few years we geeks have our own kind of popcorn show to watch: tech companies showing teeth to one another. This time around, it's Palm vs Apple. In all seriousness though, how ethical is the battle around iTunes?
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iTunes sucks. Songbird sucks.
by saucerful on Sat 25th Jul 2009 22:36 UTC
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iTunes sucks for a variety of reasons. It is closed source, slow, bloated, and the navigation paradigm makes absolutely no sense unless either you listen to music like a 15 year old girl (changing tracks every minute to keep the dance party going), or (certainly not mutually exclusive) your library consists of mostly single tracks as opposed to full albums. Songbird (admittedly I haven't tried it in about 6 months-- correct me if things have changed) suffers from the same problems, except at least its open.

I was satisfied with Amarok 1.4 for a long time until version 2 came out and the bloat prompted me to look for something else. Of course, I could have kept using the old version, but I quickly found Quod Libet which, in album view ( is the best player I've ever used. Also the plugin framework is awesome and its the first open source app on my desktop I've ever actually modified, despite years of programming background.

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