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Windows "I do not consider Windows ready for the desktop. I found it difficult to use, buggy and lacking in security. I also found technical support lacking. While Windows captured a significant portion of the desktop market, the product is clearly not a good fit for consumers who do not understand the risks associated with logging on to the Internet. The costs of providing aftermarket products can run higher than the price paid for the hardware."
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Sunshine story...
by Ringheims Auto on Wed 28th Sep 2005 16:24 UTC
Ringheims Auto
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I just got back from shooting lots of pictures for my employer with a Nikon D70 camera. When I got back I had to transfer the pics. I have two machines in my office, one standard WinXP PC and an old iMac running Ubuntu. Here's the results:

WinXP PC: Plugged the cam in the USB, before booting, and nothing happened. Well, except for XP telling me I needed admin privilegies to install new hardware, but this happens each and every boot (for no reason), so I dunno if it meant the camera.

Ubuntu iMac: A browser opened immidiatly after plugging the camera in, and I could easily locate it in Nautilus as a device. This was as user, it didn't sudo afaik.

Not sure wich one's worse or better (it's a complex question), but in many cases GNU/Linux and the likes can be handled quite easily. For me, in this case, Linux worked better.

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