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Editorial Every few years we geeks have our own kind of popcorn show to watch: tech companies showing teeth to one another. This time around, it's Palm vs Apple. In all seriousness though, how ethical is the battle around iTunes?
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If you think this has nothing to do with "supporting third party device", you shouldn't feel uncomfortable when it is broken in a new version. When you say CD player is a standard, you must be aware iTune protocol is not. Don't say there is no cost to allow third party devices work via hacking. There is always cost. More than once, a product is hacked to work with a third party device. Then when the product is upgraded, all the third party devices are killed and customers just blame the vendor of the product. Because software is so complicated, Apple can not assure if an upgrade would break Palm's device so it is better to let Palm users know the danger to rely on such a fragile inter-work before they get use to it.

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