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Opera Software Last week, the European Commission announced that Microsoft is willing to implement a browser ballot screen in Windows so that users can select a browser to install when installing Windows or when setting up their OEM computer. While this makes Opera very happy, Opera would like to see Ubuntu and Apple offer such a ballot screen too.
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by sbergman27 on Mon 27th Jul 2009 14:45 UTC in reply to "Comment by me"
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I'm starting to dislike Opera. All they really seem to want is to promote their browser for free while pretending to be champions of freedom.

Indeed. If they want into Debian, Ubuntu, and Fedora then they need to start acting like good citizens of those communities. Instead, they champion the free beer but closed source approach and then expect to be loved so much as to be granted an exception to those distros' usual policies.

Opera neither talks the talk nor walks the walk. So I'll give them credit for at least avoiding hypocrisy. But it seems like all they ever want is a handout, when what they really need to be doing is *competing* for the markets they want to play in. And that entails giving consumers in those segments of the market what they want. And in general, a big hunk of closed, proprietary code at the heart of their otherwise open OS is not what people in that market are looking for. Those who don't mind are already perfectly free to download and install it themselves, and are much more likely to know about Opera and be capable of doing that than are, in general, Windows users.

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