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KDE For a very long time now, I've been on the hunt for a distribution that really put a lot of effort into their KDE4 implementation. This has been a frustrating search, full of broken installations, incredibly slow performance, and so many visual artifacts they made my eyes explode. Since KDE 4.3 is nearing release, I had to pick up this quest in order to take a look at where 4.3 stands - and I found a home in the KDE version of Fedora 11. Read on for a look as to where KDE 4.3 currently stands.
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RE: Not many good KDE4 distros
by ple_mono on Mon 27th Jul 2009 20:59 UTC in reply to "Not many good KDE4 distros"
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If you want good out of the box KDE4 experience, try Pardus 2009 distribution.

If you want to go do-it-yourself way, try installing Arch Linux and using kdemod repos.

Personally, i haven't tried Fedora with KDE. Kubuntu needs to be much improved to match Ubuntu's user experience.

I can only second that. Pardus is an insanely polished kde4 desktop. I like how they have integrated pardus specific system settings (that are not part of kde system settings) as .kcm modules, so they are integrated in system-settings. Kubuntu does that too, but the kubuntu system-settings havent got very many kubuntu specific .kcm modules ATM.
EDIT: pardus 2009 is only at kde 4.2 yet, though!

Too bad the PISI package manager in pardus doesn't remove unused dependencies upon package removal though. That is where i draw the line unfortunately.
A modern package manager should, IMHO at least, remove unused dependecies on package removal, and also log install reason so that i can see what packages i installed *explicitly*.

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