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Opera Software Last week, the European Commission announced that Microsoft is willing to implement a browser ballot screen in Windows so that users can select a browser to install when installing Windows or when setting up their OEM computer. While this makes Opera very happy, Opera would like to see Ubuntu and Apple offer such a ballot screen too.
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RE: who decides?
by hangman on Mon 27th Jul 2009 22:02 UTC in reply to "who decides?"
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Considering that Opera is the #3 browser in Europe and has a higher market share than Chrome and Safari combined, it will definitely not be left out.

Also, why would you include Chrome and Mozilla in that list, considering that both of them joined the complaint? If you want to leave out Opera for being part of the complaint, why leave in Google and Mozilla?

dont forget Opera are not the only other browser out there, this system will put the final nail in the coffins of those other projects

No it won't. It will force sites to write for standards rather than browsers, which benefits all alternative browsers. And the fact that more people will realize that there are options will also benefit everyone else.

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