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Opera Software Last week, the European Commission announced that Microsoft is willing to implement a browser ballot screen in Windows so that users can select a browser to install when installing Windows or when setting up their OEM computer. While this makes Opera very happy, Opera would like to see Ubuntu and Apple offer such a ballot screen too.
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RE[2]: Comment by me
by hangman on Mon 27th Jul 2009 22:13 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by me"
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expect to be loved so much as to be granted an exception to those distros' usual policies

Excuse me, but did you actually read what the guy said? He never said that Opera NEEDS to be included, just that it MAY be a good idea to offer alternatives (and he didn't specify which alternatives).

Opera neither talks the talk nor walks the walk.


But it seems like all they ever want is a handout,

So Google and Mozilla only ever want a handout as well, since they are part of the complaint?

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