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Red Hat Red Hat, with help from IBM and Trusted Computing Solutions, plans to put its operating system through the paces of the National Information Assurance Partnership's Common Criteria evaluation program to create the first "trusted" Linux operating system.
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Secure systems
by Nex6 on Wed 28th Sep 2005 17:53 UTC
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this is A very good time , as all the apps that require
"EAL $ and above and or "trusted" status. can now be run on Linux, also means Companys and biz's alike can now get there hands on a "trusted" system for a reasonable price.

altho the Certifcation will be on IBM hardware, which I belive (not sure off) to run a "trusted" app you need to run it on the hardware it was certified on i think, which is good for IBM. ;)

but, many many comapnys can now get the benifit of a full EAL4_ trusted system for there apps if the need it.



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