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KDE For a very long time now, I've been on the hunt for a distribution that really put a lot of effort into their KDE4 implementation. This has been a frustrating search, full of broken installations, incredibly slow performance, and so many visual artifacts they made my eyes explode. Since KDE 4.3 is nearing release, I had to pick up this quest in order to take a look at where 4.3 stands - and I found a home in the KDE version of Fedora 11. Read on for a look as to where KDE 4.3 currently stands.
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Yes, because more often than not it doesn't do anything. It's easy to decide on defaults when all you have are a handful of widgets on a window and you have far fewer features and you've decided that you don't want to face and solve the usability problems as a result.

True, but KDE has had "strange" defaults even in simple things like e.g. opening a document - not in a separate app as usual but embedded in the Konqueror window. Sure it is a powerful feature for those who desire it, but for a newbie coming from other environments it can very confusing and therefore should not be the default action, IMHO.

But I do think that with KDE4 they are improving the defaults though.

As Thom says though, trying to get the implementation of a neat feature like this as usable as possible is a very difficult thing to get right.


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