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Mozilla & Gecko clones "The browser, and e-mail software - Ok, HTML authoring tool as well - formerly known as "Mozilla" or more recently referred to as "Mozilla Suite" is back alive and kicking, despite recent efforts from the Firefox Foundation Mozilla Foundation to make it go away after freezing future development and deciding to only provide bug fixes." The Inquirer took it for a spin.
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RE: Seamonkey 1.0 Alpha / Anonymous
by Pelly on Wed 28th Sep 2005 18:15 UTC
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"Umm, sorry, Mozilla is dead. But there is a new one called Seamonkey. This is bad and will confuse people and make me look bad too."

It probably wont be as bad as you think. Many product names change over time. When you stop and consider, Mozilla hasn't dies, it is simply evolving & growing.

"Besides, Seamonkey is a stupid name. There are no monkeys in the sea."

Ummmm.... Actually, Sea Monkeys are a type of tiny shrimp. You can get them many places. A lot of fun for kids and very low maintenance.

Here's a link:

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