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Podcasts We focus on this week's tit-for-tat bickering between Microsoft, the GPL and Linus [Torvalds]; and Apple and Palm--caught tugging either end of iTunes with neither willing to let go. Can't we all just get along?
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Philip Grant
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"iTunes created to sell iPods

I've heard that frequently in the last few weeks, but the reality is that the first iPod came out in (late) 2001, while iTunes was released in January of 2001. It would be hard for iTunes to have been created to sell a product that came out later on.

Itunes began to be developed before Apple got its hands on it in, in about 2000, but at some point it was aligned as an interface for the iPod. Not how it started, but what it became, adding the iTunes store too.

Myself, I can't see anything wrong with developing their software exclusively for their hardware. Anyway, imagine a far better device than an iPod or iPhone came on the market, but wasn't able to connect to iTunes, but then Apple opened up iTunes to any device, it would seem fair to allow that new device to block iTunes and to operate only with its own software. It's swings and roundabouts... At the moment there is more competition to compete with Apple and the iTunes store if you are locked out of iTunes.

Patents last so long and technology catches up, nothing stays the same... but if such practices stay the same, everything will be fair in time. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

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