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Apple Apple has updated its line of Mac Mini computers. The new models have slightly faster processors, with the cheapest Mini now featuring a 1.33Ghz G4 (previously a 1.24Ghz) and the expensive models receiving a speed bump from a 1.42Ghz G4 to a 1.5Ghz G4. The higher-end models also recieve dual-layer DVD burning and improved Bluetooh and Airport Extreme. Graphics-wise, the Mini sees a doubling of RAM. And the harddrives are (finally) upgraded to normal 5400rpm models, instead of the rather sloppy 4200rpm models.
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- I haven't been using windows for years and I don't want to.
- I'm getting tired of linux as a desktop machine.

I got an iMac G-5 for those reasons. I've had it for a couple of weeks and I'm more than impressed. I like it so much that I'm starting to hate using XP at work. Unfortunately, I'm a windows developer so I'm stuck with that.

Yes, the game support is pretty weak in mac (for the games I like to play). But that has turned out to be a good thing. I'm getting to bed at a reasonable time time. :-)

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