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Microsoft As Microsoft had already confirmed, it's going to open a line of retail stores later this year. Last week, Gizmodo published a set of detailed slides supposedly detailing the shopping experience Microsoft is going to implement. Today, Microsoft has confirmed those leaked plans are real (but not finalised!), while also announcing the first two store locations.
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With Retail Stores ...
by Pelly on Wed 29th Jul 2009 00:51 UTC
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With retail stores Microsoft will be able to get direct feedback from average customers. This is something they really haven't had outside of their various Beta Programs.

Consider if MS were to use their stores as sort of a, 'test venue' for new, upcoming products. Having direct feedback from users will be helpful in new product releases and their long-term viability. This could be done in various markets on a national scale.

To be honest, every person I know who owns a Zune player loves it and wouldn't part with it. These same folks would jump at the opportunity to see future pre-production Zune players to test them in the store.

Apple was hugely successful with the initial release of the iPhone beause every Apple Store had about 20 for customers to play with prior to purchasing them.

I don't see MS Stores selling computers & laptops (at least not outright). But I can see them as a sort of, public lab,' environment.

MS does move slow at times and was a late-bloomer to the Internet. Now look where they are with MSN, Bing!, Hotmail, Windows Mobile and more.

We may see a repeat with their retail stores.

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