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Podcasts We focus on this week's tit-for-tat bickering between Microsoft, the GPL and Linus [Torvalds]; and Apple and Palm--caught tugging either end of iTunes with neither willing to let go. Can't we all just get along?
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Good show by the way.
by Wes Selken on Wed 29th Jul 2009 04:40 UTC
Wes Selken
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We will certainly have more computers with different "roles". However these "roles" are loosely defined. Some games use consoles and some use the pc. To have one unified "entertainment" center seems great, I just don't know if we will go towards that direction. Distributed computing will allows us to do more with less resources, but not all resources can be distributed. Harddrive space can be done pretty well, some cpu processes can be split, but things like graphic processing for games, movies, etc have to be done on the local box (or at least its usually more practical to do it that way). I just see there being a lot of duplication of roles throughout different computers, rather than distinct roles for each one. There will defitantly be for interfaces for computers, but we might just be tempted to make them all usb, and have one computer with a jumble of peripherals.

You said every other mp3 player is "just crap". so i want to ask what is wrong with other non-ipod mp3 players quality. My player is sandisk sansa, and it seems to have better quality for cheaper price. I heard TrekStor makes a good mp3 player, and has great support for linux and ogg. Is it really that bad? It seems there are alternatives are out there.


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