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Apple The news just broke that Apple has rejected the official upcoming Google Voice application, and stopped distributing the third party "GV" application, an app that was previously authorized. Read on for a quick commentary, from the point of view of not an Apple or Google fangirl, but from someone who genuinely appreciates VoIP SIP (even if Google Voice itself is not VoIP, read on). For those who have read my blog over the years, would probably remember my VoIP-related rants since 2005. UPDATE: A more direct, more personal, reply from me to Apple and AT&T.
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This sounds like a renamed way to remove "Competition".

Whilst I understand the whole reluctance to open a platform from an economic standpoint of an operator, I don't understand why Apple is wanting to be the fall guy for shutting out GV...or why they care about removing the iFart type applications. Why not let the market decide? One reason: $$$

I'd really like to get an iPhone, but I very much hate the concept that I cannot program, change, modify, and enjoy my device as I see fit.

*sigh* Cool as an iPhone is, I'll likely be going with another phone (or continuing to use my older, slightly chlunky, but accessible, older phone).



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