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Apple It's obvious that physical album sales would decline ever since the rise of iTunes and other online music stores, and who wants to buy an entire album of filler songs online when you can purchase the three or four songs from the album that you want? Apple and its associated record companies have noticed the large decline in online sales of entire albums, which have higher profit than individual tracks, so they're working on a new perk to spark people's interest in buying albums again. What's more is that these doubtful rumors that have been going around about Apple's tablet actually seem to have some truth to them.
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Price is Key
by Vic Davery on Wed 29th Jul 2009 09:52 UTC
Vic Davery
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I've never bought a single in my life. Singles have always been relatively expensive compared to an album, until iTunes came along.
Why would I buy an album for more money than the physical media costs?
Plus, most of the bands I listen to, aren't single focussed. The art that has been produced is the album, not just one single. The sequence of the songs is important. The physical design inlays are important.

iTunes is designed for the lowest common denominator, i.e. those purchasing X-Factor type pop.

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