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Debian and its clones Most mainstream distributions, like Ubuntu, Fedora, and Mandriva, have already adopted a time-based release schedule, meaning that releases are not done on a feature basis, but according to a pre-determined time schedule. The Debian project has announced that it has adopted a time-based release schedule too.
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RE[2]: the end of Debian ?
by Thom_Holwerda on Wed 29th Jul 2009 10:56 UTC in reply to "RE: the end of Debian ?"
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Read the whole text.(Thom picked a misleading headline, I am not to blame ;) ) The release will not be time based, only the freeze will be time based. It will still be released "when it is done"(tm).

It's still a time-based release cycle - it's just that because Debian chose a longer timeframe, they also have more leeway between dev freeze and release. Ubuntu also has leeway between dev freeze and release, it's just shorter because the cycle is shorter as well.

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