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Hardware, Embedded Systems We haven't discussed Psystar in a while, have we? In case you've been living under a rock for a while, Psystar is a Mac clone maker entrenched in a legal battle with Apple. Recently, Psystar changed lawyers, and today they posted a vigorous entry on their website about how ready they are for the fight with Apple.
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... Pysstar is not an individual party, they are a for profit corporation exploiting other people's work. Not just apple's, but also the work of the hackintosh community.

This is not a fair use issue, or abusive copyright deal... since as I said, the for profit element is entering the equation. Which renders any attempt by Pysstar to play the victim moot. Frankly any decent commercial lawyer knows that, so I am going to be enjoying the massive bitchlap these ragamuffins are going to get, because only a substandard law firm which is just interested in raking up legal fees would touch a case they know they are going to lose.

There are serious problems with copyrights and EULAs, however Pysstar is not (and should not be) in the position to herald themselves as the victims in this case.

So Pysstar is not only abusing other people's work, but if they piss Apple enough, they will make it harder for the hackintosh community. Which would be a real shame IMHO.

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