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Apple The discussion around whether or not jailbreaking iPhones should be exempt from the DMCA has just reached a level of ridiculousness that words can't really describe any longer. As some of you might know, Apple and the Electronic Frontier Foundation are in a tussle with one another over whether or not the US Copyright Office should put an exemption in the DMCA allowing the jailbreaking of iPhones. Apple's reasoning for why no exemption should be made is rather... Over-the-top.
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Apple Just Irks Me!
by red_devel on Wed 29th Jul 2009 17:25 UTC
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Even if I liked OS X and didn't think it was a usability nightmare, and even if I thought Apple hardware was really sooo sexy and not more prone to issues, and even if I had a wallet deep enough to ignore the ridiculous price tags, I would still not buy Apple because I just CAN'T stand Apple culture. From the ridiculous marketing hype around the release of every new product, to the ridiculous "Apple knows best" mentality we see in examples like this, the App Store, or the Psytar case, to the ridiculous fanboys they seem to attract who accept and even DEFEND every ridiculous decision made by Cupertino, its just miserable! No. Thank. You. I'd go back to using Windows before I lived in that world.

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