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Apple The discussion around whether or not jailbreaking iPhones should be exempt from the DMCA has just reached a level of ridiculousness that words can't really describe any longer. As some of you might know, Apple and the Electronic Frontier Foundation are in a tussle with one another over whether or not the US Copyright Office should put an exemption in the DMCA allowing the jailbreaking of iPhones. Apple's reasoning for why no exemption should be made is rather... Over-the-top.
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I'm torn...
by darknexus on Wed 29th Jul 2009 18:32 UTC
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On one hand I feel the need to support Apple, as they are one of the few mainstream companies that are actively working on accessibility to their products including the iPhone. Sure, they're doing it for business reasons, but they are, after all, a business. As one who is a member of a minority which needs these accessibility features, I must support those who in turn support the accessibility I need... and right now, that's Apple being the only company that is promoting accessibility out of the box and at no extra cost to me, the user. Consequently, I really do want an iPhone seeing as what they've done with that recently... but then I think about it and they're pulling ridiculous stunts like this, and I'm not so sure I should support them at all. What they're doing for accessibility is great and actually quite innovative in their approach, but the other things they're doing--particularly with the iPhone--just make me want to turn away in disgust. I no more want Apple controlling my devices than I'd want Microsoft to gain that power.

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