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Windows A lot of our readers are still happily using Windows XP - 36% of our users use XP, 12% Vista, and 6% Windows 7. While Windows XP is showing its age in a lot of areas, there is at least something you can do to prettify the operating system at minimal cost. In Windows XP, and to a lesser extent Windows Vista, there are still a lot of old-style icons and graphics that should be updated to more modern variants. There are free tools that do just this (thanks to IStartedSomething).
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Xp Ubuntu look
by stipex on Thu 30th Jul 2009 13:07 UTC
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From my point of view, I don't see any sense customizing Win XP into something as ugly as Ubuntu.I just don't like UI in brown-orange colors.UI design, colors should be neutral IMO, so it doesnt distract you from content of your work (web page, text editor ...) and makes your eyes hapier.

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