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Gnome This morning Intel has announced the release of Clutter 1.0.0, the graphics library that is gaining speed within the GNOME development community (it is used by Gnome Shell). "This toolkit provides a library/API for creating rich user interfaces in a relatively easy to use way that conceals much of the challenges of programming your application to directly use OpenGL or OpenGL ES. Clutter is already being used within Moblin V2 and its user interface is very impressive."
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RE[3]: One Point Oh?
by Silent_Seer on Thu 30th Jul 2009 19:04 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: One Point Oh?"
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Sorry for being offtopic here but 0.10 after a 0.8??!!

Isn't that like going back to 0.1 because, 0.1 == 0.10. Well I hope developers these days don't get to skimp on mathematics (that too as basic as that). Ok well, feel free to mod me down everyone.

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