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Editorial I think I'd like to start an internet movement. Due to Apple's recent actions regarding the Google Voice app, I intend to criticize Apple every day at OSNews for 1984 days, or until they perform a very subtle and simple act of contrition. I'd like to enlist the help of every tech journalist, blogger, twitterer, Facebook denizen, and person who ever talks to another person. I'm that girl in the running shorts with the hammer, people! I'm throwing the hammer at the big creepy guy on the screen! We don't have to be slaves anymore! Read on for the full manifesto.
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What do you mean by "throw under the bus"
by dindin on Thu 30th Jul 2009 21:02 UTC
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I am not sure I follow you.

What do you want Apple to do? Sell the devices as unlocked phones and let people pay $699 and $799 without the subsidies?

Do you want it to move the device to Verizon? Sell a device on the CDMA or build a more expensive World Phone so that it can be used in the rest of 95% of world's network? Verizon is a control freek of equal maginitude. remember, the iPhone was first offered to Verizon.

Do you want Apple to let any and all applications to be available? So Apple can block applications that compete with its own but let through any app that might compete with their network partner? if this happens and people start making cheap calls they will end up paying for higher data plans - No matter who runs the network. Carriers took out Billions in loans to buy their Spectrum.

I am not sure when Verizon will get the iPhone but they will ahve to deal with the same issue - lots of web browsers hitting their 3G/EVO network. Verizon actually does bandwidth throttling to control throughput.

I am not as attached to my device as you are. 2-Years from now, when I renew my contract I will be looking out for myself and choose the best device thta can serve my needs.

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