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Editorial I think I'd like to start an internet movement. Due to Apple's recent actions regarding the Google Voice app, I intend to criticize Apple every day at OSNews for 1984 days, or until they perform a very subtle and simple act of contrition. I'd like to enlist the help of every tech journalist, blogger, twitterer, Facebook denizen, and person who ever talks to another person. I'm that girl in the running shorts with the hammer, people! I'm throwing the hammer at the big creepy guy on the screen! We don't have to be slaves anymore! Read on for the full manifesto.
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What do you want Apple to do? Sell the devices as unlocked phones and let people pay $699 and $799 without the subsidies?

I think Apple should allow out of contract iPhones to be unlocked, but subsidies are normal practice in the UK as well as the US, so I have no problem with them.

The option to buy unlocked would be cool though, yes.

Do you want it to move the device to Verizon? Sell a device on the CDMA or build a more expensive World Phone so that it can be used in the rest of 95% of world's network? Verizon is a control freek of equal maginitude. remember, the iPhone was first offered to Verizon.

This is a very US centric issue. Apple is not going to make a CDMA based phone. Why would they? CDMA has a couple of years left to run and then it will start getting phased out when the 4G mobile technologies arrive. GSM is what 80-90% of the rest of the world use. We don't even have ANY CDMA capability in the UK. Your CDMA phone may as well be a brick.

Do you want Apple to let any and all applications to be available? So Apple can block applications that compete with its own but let through any app that might compete with their network partner? if this happens and people start making cheap calls they will end up paying for higher data plans - No matter who runs the network. Carriers took out Billions in loans to buy their Spectrum.

The app store is reasonable control. The process used to accept apps in to the store is at fault. As this is down to human judgement and US morals, maybe the international app stores should have their own regional moderation? I see apps that *should* be accepted get rejected, but I also see where Apple is coming from. They need to rubber stamp apps worldwide. This is the real issue.

I am not sure when Verizon will get the iPhone but they will ahve to deal with the same issue - lots of web browsers hitting their 3G/EVO network. Verizon actually does bandwidth throttling to control throughput.

In the UK, the 3G speed is actually really good. You get spotty reception in some areas, but in major cities, I have no issues. I even got basic GPRS in the middle of nowhere in Wales a few weeks ago - which I totally wasn't expecting given the supposed "horror" people like to throw over iPhone reception. I guess we Brits expect a certain level and O2 aren't the best overall coverage, but I think we're spoilt when compared to the US situation and are a bunch of whining idiots when we complain. I feel for you US people.

The other thing - you guys are getting screwed for your phone contracts (plans if you want to use your terms - I don't, contracts it is..) In the UK, the minimum contract is £30 inc VAT (aka taxes - actually, it's a little less cos VAT was reduced by 2.5%), so that is very roughly around US$50 (and that includes both phone, unlimited data and some free minutes call time/text messages) with nothing to pay on top if you don't make any outgoing calls over your free minutes. And we do not pay for incoming calls, or incoming text messages too. Next level up is £35 - and has a lot more free minutes and texts (which I am on and never manage to exceed.) Contracts are 18 months too.

Gutted US people? I would be.

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