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Legal Yesterday, the Dutch online community was surprised by a verdict from a judge who declared that The Pirate Bay had to make itself unavailable in The Netherlands. This verdict was cast in a case the Dutch RIAA/MPAA-like organisation BREIN had started against The Pirate Bay. With it being a widely known and established fact that downloading copyrighted content off the internet - even if the upload was illegal - is not illegal in The Netherlands, where does this verdict come from? Is it truly a win for the entertainment industry, and a loss for Dutch consumers? Not really - the situation is much, much simpler than that.
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So let's debate this. Twitter and Facebook are more important than the fact that the plaintiff first went through the proper authorities and sent an email to a known good address? The fact that the mail was registered is also not important? My reading comprehension is fine.

EDIT: A story that relies on a real news item for backing can summarize. When you write a stand alone piece you should try and include pertinent information. What you chose to list and what you chose to omit in this case is negligent. I have no love for *IAA or their European equivalents but report the facts.

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