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Legal Yesterday, the Dutch online community was surprised by a verdict from a judge who declared that The Pirate Bay had to make itself unavailable in The Netherlands. This verdict was cast in a case the Dutch RIAA/MPAA-like organisation BREIN had started against The Pirate Bay. With it being a widely known and established fact that downloading copyrighted content off the internet - even if the upload was illegal - is not illegal in The Netherlands, where does this verdict come from? Is it truly a win for the entertainment industry, and a loss for Dutch consumers? Not really - the situation is much, much simpler than that.
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RE: Where is TPB hosted?
by frajo on Fri 31st Jul 2009 19:49 UTC in reply to "Where is TPB hosted?"
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Maybe the judge from this case doesn't even know what the internet is and believes that TPB is actually in The Netherlands?

On the contrary. They hope that "unavailability in the Netherlands" is equivalent to "total unavailability". They just don't phrase it this way.

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