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Apple Almost everything has a processor and/or memory chips these days, including keyboards. Apple's keyboards are no exception; they have 8Kb of flash memory, and 256 bytes of RAM. K. Chen has found a way to very easily install keyloggers and other possibly malicious code right inside these Apple keyboards (more here). Proof of concept code is here as well.
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That would be my guess, Apple these days uses a lot of the same chips under the hood as it's competitors, (ok, all the same chips now) - as such I'd not be surprised to find out other USB keyboards are at risk.

Makes me glad I'm still using a nice safe near indestructible PS/2 model M - Actually it's a bastardization the keyboard mechanicals are from a 370 version, the internal board and case is from the AT version with the phone jack, but I have the cable from a PS/2 one which works (since the only difference between PS/2 and AT keyboard is the plug at the PC end)

It really is as sbergman27 said an overthinking of the plumbing.

8K of flash and 256 bytes of RAM? *** sake what's in there a PicAxe or Atmel? FOR A KEYBOARD?!? Sad when a keyboard has more computing power and live storage than my first computer.

Also proves something I've been saying for years, the illusion of safety provided by Apple won't last... since once enough people are using them to be a viable target they've got little to nothing standing between the user and total pwnage compared to other OS and hardware bases.

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