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Apple Almost everything has a processor and/or memory chips these days, including keyboards. Apple's keyboards are no exception; they have 8Kb of flash memory, and 256 bytes of RAM. K. Chen has found a way to very easily install keyloggers and other possibly malicious code right inside these Apple keyboards (more here). Proof of concept code is here as well.
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Most people can be convinced fairly easily to do something stupid on the computer. This is arguably what makes malware so effective on windows (Ohhh...shiney shit lets install!). Do you really think mac users are so superior that mom and pop wouldn't click yes, run this crap if it looks official?

Then, its game over. OSX isnt truely anymore secure from a programming standpoint (as the researchers and hackers are showing) but rather due to sizing and time constraints. Why waste time on 5% (or whatever the install base is) and exploiting a hole when you can easily exploit a hole with a user base thats 90%?

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