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Legal Apple's rejection of the Google Voice iPhone application and the removal of 3rd party clients proved to be the last straw, and now the Federal Communications Commission is involved. The FCC has begun an investigation into the matter. "The Federal Communications Commission has a mission to foster a competitive wireless marketplace, protect and empower consumers, and promote innovation and investment," FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski said, "Recent news reports raise questions about practices in the mobile marketplace."
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People shoud boycott Apple
by shiva on Sun 2nd Aug 2009 15:24 UTC
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Even if the Apple products are cool or good, consumers should boycott its products because of the abusive pratices and rights restriction.

I don't understand why Apple is so strong in America when americans think that they are the most demanding and discerning consumers of the world.

I never will buy an apple product while the company remains arbitrary and choosing what software and hardware I can put inside its products.

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