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Apple Almost everything has a processor and/or memory chips these days, including keyboards. Apple's keyboards are no exception; they have 8Kb of flash memory, and 256 bytes of RAM. K. Chen has found a way to very easily install keyloggers and other possibly malicious code right inside these Apple keyboards (more here). Proof of concept code is here as well.
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security by obscurity
by dvhh on Sun 2nd Aug 2009 16:07 UTC
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some of the user blind themselves, of course this is not a remote way to hack your mac, but that can be part of social engineering process.
Most first typed char on a system are mostly login credential which can give a second foothold on the system by installing other stuff.
Of course it require physical access, but again most "secure OS" users are downplaying some remote vulnerability as long as it is not root access.

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