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In the News It's market share/installed base/whatever time! Net Applications' figures had been under review for a while, and now we know why: they've finally done what should have been done ages ago. Namely, they've added country-level weighting to their figures. They also added this retrospectively, meaning all previous figures have been updated to reflect the change. This has devastating effects for some.
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My question really is this .. how much is the margin of error that the "C.I.A. data as the source of the number of internet users per country"? I mean things link how many internet users that country has can be very circumstantial. For instance .. are there country's where based on whatever the metric for the user may be is biased, as one person has multiple computers (at home, at work,etc) or multiple people share usage of on computer (classrooms, internet cafe, library access)?

I always look at number with a careful eye as they can hold such deep meaning.

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