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Apple I think we just found out why we aren't hearing more stories of exploding and burning iPods. Ken Stanborough had to throw his daughter Ellie's iPod Touch outside, because it got too hot to hold, and he could see vapour. Within 30 seconds, he could see smoke, he heard a pop, and the Touch went 10ft into the air. After contacting Apple, the company denied liability, but offered a refund. However, Apple said that in accepting the money, Stanborough was not allowed to talk about the existence of the agreement - or else Apple would sue him. Update: Apple told Sky News Online that the letter with the gagging order is standard practice.

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by andydread on Mon 3rd Aug 2009 12:43 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: MS"
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"Apple's evil, on the other hand, is clearly geared towards *consumers* and *small developers*. They are actively going after them, trying to hurt them.

Wow, so let me get this right, you are claiming here that Apple are purposely building faulty equipment (actively going after them) that is designed to hurt people (trying to hurt people).

I dont see any claim about apple PURPOSELY building faulty equipment.
I didn't see that implication in the post. The implication is that Apple threatening the customers and small developers with LAWSUITS. Stop trying to spin people's posts.

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