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Apple I think we just found out why we aren't hearing more stories of exploding and burning iPods. Ken Stanborough had to throw his daughter Ellie's iPod Touch outside, because it got too hot to hold, and he could see vapour. Within 30 seconds, he could see smoke, he heard a pop, and the Touch went 10ft into the air. After contacting Apple, the company denied liability, but offered a refund. However, Apple said that in accepting the money, Stanborough was not allowed to talk about the existence of the agreement - or else Apple would sue him. Update: Apple told Sky News Online that the letter with the gagging order is standard practice.

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A Fanboy Here
by jweinraub on Mon 3rd Aug 2009 13:14 UTC
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While I am a fanboy, I am not your typical fanboy. I don't own an iPhone, I waited until the iPod Touch to get my first iPod. I own a preused powerbook, so to say I am a true fanboy is the understatement of the year.

While I do own AAPL stock, I've sold it off recently.

That all being said, I am appalled that Apple would do such tactics. Apple has always prided themselves for thinking differently, not the beige boxes of yesteryear. That maybe true in the 80s, nowadays they are still a niche company that is now thinking more corporate.

I've always wondered if Steve Jobs didn't make the mistakes he did in the 80s, would Apple be the mega dominating empire and Microsoft was the niche market? Obviously there is no way of knowing, but it seems like with every passing day, Apple is becoming more and more like what they were against. Google was the same way. Coincidence? I don't think so.

It is kinda scary actually and I hope this can be corrected before it becomes too late.

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