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In the News It's market share/installed base/whatever time! Net Applications' figures had been under review for a while, and now we know why: they've finally done what should have been done ages ago. Namely, they've added country-level weighting to their figures. They also added this retrospectively, meaning all previous figures have been updated to reflect the change. This has devastating effects for some.
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RE: Umm... why?!?!
by Luis on Mon 3rd Aug 2009 16:35 UTC in reply to "Umm... why?!?!"
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Well, they probably have statistics from let's say 10.000 English sites. And statistics from 100 Chinese sites. So if for example, in the English sites 10% of the visitors are using OS X and on the Chinese sites, only 0.1% are using OS X, the final statistics will say that ~10% of the world wide population uses OS X. How accurate is that? If China has, say, 300 million internet users, it is unfair to not give more weight to each of those 100 sites in Chinese than to each of the 10.000 sites in English. I don't say the math is perfect, but it's better than it was before for sure.

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