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In the News It's market share/installed base/whatever time! Net Applications' figures had been under review for a while, and now we know why: they've finally done what should have been done ages ago. Namely, they've added country-level weighting to their figures. They also added this retrospectively, meaning all previous figures have been updated to reflect the change. This has devastating effects for some.
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by aahjnnot on Tue 4th Aug 2009 08:35 UTC in reply to "1%"
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FWIW, during some recent data protection training we asked all 120 staff in our company what operating system they use at home. Three (all senior managers and none from the IT department) use Linux and everyone else uses some Windows variant. No-one uses OS X. If we assume 50% of web surfing takes place in the office, our small and unrepresentative 1% figure for Linux seems about right. That data is based on financial services workers in a provincial British city.

Our corporate web site stats tell a broadly similar story - 1% Linux, 2% OSX, 1% mobile devices and the balance Windows. Our customers are typically middle-earning, middle aged British heads of household.

In summary, the restatement of Apple's share to 4% certainly ties in better with my own experience, and Linux feels about right.

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