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SuSE, openSUSE SUSE Linux used to be a very KDE-centric distribution. Then Novell came around, bought SUSE and Ximian, and slowely but surely they turned the now-openSUSE distribution into effectively a GNOME-centric distribution with KDE as its sidekick. The openSUSE community, however, doesn't appear to be particularly happy with KDE being a sidekick.
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Mark Williamson
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The reduction in distributor commitment to KDE has made me sad for years now. Before Novell bought SuSE there was a proper, big name, well-supported distro based around KDE. Mandrake/Mandriva was another, although not quite so big. I seem to recall some hints of discord among key employees when Novell switched the SuSE desktop to GNOME. I certainly wasn't happy to see yet another distro become primarily GNOME-based, when I could already choose Fedora / RHEL / Ubuntu for that.

Kubuntu ... well, it's good that you can get the Ubuntu package set whilst also getting KDE. But realistically, developments happen first on vanilla Ubuntu, the development direction is pushed by them and the Kubuntu developers just don't seem to have the resources to cope. Users expecting "Like Ubuntu but based around KDE" will be disappointed, despite the literal truth of the statement. I have had trouble with bugs under Kubuntu's KDE but I'm hesitant to blame too many of these on the distro given the hacked-about nature of my ancient install. On the plus side, Kubuntu does typically offer packages of new KDE releases very quickly.

Overall, though, it feels a bit like the market moved away from what was a strong section of userbase for partially political reasons (e.g. in this case Novell wanting to leverage their Ximian investment, not the existing investment in SuSE/KDE they had purchased) :-(

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