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Humor Since I think we haven't been having enough fun lately on OSNews, I decided it's time we do something fun for a change. We all have our little pet annoyances when it comes to other people's comments. Fixed expressions or comment styles that annoy the living daylights out of you. Here are mine.
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Linux is just the KERNEL.
by Quag7 on Tue 4th Aug 2009 23:05 UTC
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* Linux is just a KERNEL. WE KNOW. There is no one here who is not aware of this. *Giving a crap* is another thing altogether.

* (x) license isn't free! Yeah, you know what, you either have a freedom to hoard your mods or you have a freedom from that. It's the oldest ongoing license argument anyone has as regards software. BSD and GPL define freedom differently and arguing these stupid semantics serves no purpose, derails threads, and rehashes pricesly the same argument over and over again. Two opinions exist on what freedom entails, and that's just how it is.

* "Stop spreading FUD." This indicates or suggests that the person posting something is using a tactic he knows is dishonest for the purpose of pushing an alternative. Having a contrary opinion or just being flat-out wrong is not FUD. FUD is a dishonest and calculated *marketing* or *sales* technique. I'm sick of reading accusations of this.

* (x) (usually or even always Linux) is all about choice. Declaring something doesn't make it so, nor does the attempt to gloss over the basic facts of life that there are two sides of every story and that few things are always all good or all bad. Choice/variety or redundancy/dilution - it's all a matter of perspective.

* Corrupted spelling of words - Microsoft, Lunix, and many others. I lose respect for the poster enough that I grow angry I've wasted my time reading that individual's comment up to that point.

EDIT: Hahahah there was a dollar sign for the S in Microsoft but I see osnews "corrected" it for me.

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