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KDE The KDE team has released KDE 4.3. This release comes packed with improvements and bug fixes - in fact, over the last six months, 10000 bugs were squashed, 2000 feature requests handled, and 63000 changes were checked in by 700 people. We've already talked about this new release in quite some detail last week, but let's take a look at the most important new features anyway.
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RE: What about the WM theme?
by molnarcs on Wed 5th Aug 2009 08:37 UTC in reply to "What about the WM theme?"
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Maybe they just forgot to enable it, but I've seen a video of the new KDE4.3, and the window decorations (for windows, not plasma applets) still look as awful as they did before. Where's the new theme?

Let me correct that for you - ... window decorations (for windows, not plasma applets) still look beautiful as they did before.

You see, it's a matter of taste. You're talking about the oxygen widget style + window decorations, both of which I found very polished. The windeco is configurable (see how I rearranged the buttons), and it blends in smoothly with the color of the window backgroun (see unfocused windows) The widgets are finally the right size (I saw someone claiming they are oversized - wtf? just take a look, how are those buttons/drop-down menus/toolbar buttons oversized?) and clear, crisp, and readable:

You can also adjust the contrast in Appearance/Colors to make it sharper if you wish.

Saying they look awful is nothing but arrogance - you can say you don't like them, I'm fine with that, but at least you can allow for the possibility that quite a few of us like it. In fact, this is the first style I don't really feel the need to change immediately, the first time that the defaults look great. Still, if you prefer GNOME style oversized widgets plastic is available along with a number of other styles (probably sculpture being the next best thing to oxygen).

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